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When I look across the ocean and see what is happening all over the world with this pandemic, I am astonished.

The whole world has come to a standstill over this current worldwide challenge.

I see so much fear and concern about what tomorrow may bring. Everyone is looking for signs of hope that life will return to the way it was as soon as possible.

What about you? How are you feeling? Are you scared, worried and concerned about what tomorrow will bring? If you are, I can understand your current feelings.

Did you know though, there are ways that you can alleviate some of this fear?

It all starts in your mind, how you think. If you are constantly thinking about the bad, then you will constantly get what is bad in your life. If you constantly think of all the good, then you will get what is good in your life.

Your thinking dictates your life. We become what we think about.

It may not be easy to stop all the negative things that are coming into our lives, but if we want to overcome this new challenge, we need to be on guard of negative things.

The first thing we can do is to know that this too shall pass. This pandemic is like a nasty storm that is sweeping through our town, but like a storm, it will soon dissipate.

Why not print on a piece of paper the saying, This Too Shall Pass and put it up all-around your house. Look at it all the time, embed in your mind the thought that things will get better.

Another thing we can do is not watch the news all day long to find out what the latest is. If we do this, it will just bring us down. In the morning, have a quick look at what the latest situation in your country is and then turn the news off and don’t look at it anymore that day. Spend the rest of the day focusing on what is positive.

Make a list of all the good things that have come out of this negative situation. There is always a positive in a negative, focus on the positive.

Also, keep busy. Do something that you always wanted to do, now that you have time. Many of us have been given the gift of time, how will you use it?

Start a new project, come up with a new business idea and see where you can start, then just start. A friend of mine is using his time to build furniture in his garage. He has already made many sales. This is a new business that he just started and he is loving it. He gets up every day and has plenty to do.

The main point is to just keep busy, know that this will pass and stay positive. Trust yourself and your abilities to overcome any challenge that may come your way. Don’t let fear in. If you are fearful, when the time comes to get back to normal, you may be hesitant to take the first step but if you are ready to go, you will come out sprinting. Like an athlete at the beginning of the race, if he is fearful, he might be hesitant to take off sprinting as soon as the race gun fires. But if he is ready and prepared, as soon as that gun fires, he is off sprinting with all his strength.

Be that athlete, don’t let fear set in, be prepared, trust yourself and when the time comes, you will be unstoppable and please remember, This Too Shall Pass.